Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011: My Home and My Wheels

Day 5: My Home

What a beautiful time of year to live where we live.  It is amazing to just sit outside for hours at a time and enjoy the perfect temperatures and beautiful sunshine.  We are thankful to live here, and although I love to travel I am not sure I would like to live anywhere else long term.

This year I am very thankful to also have a home where my family fits.  We moved from a 1/1 to a 3/2 earlier this year, and wow has it been a wonderful move!  I didn't realize fully how much we needed more space until we moved.  I knew we needed more bedrooms, more closets, etc, but I didn't really understand until we had more how much better it felt.  We are thriving here in a better neighborhood and with the many specific requests the LORD provided when we asked Him for a new home. 

Looking at our old home now, I am even more amazed and thankful that we made it work as long as we did.  Thanks to a lot of creative ideas from the Creator Himself, we did it.  Oh, how much better we love it here, though!  Just to have a bedroom and a real bed again has been huge!

We are so thankful for our home.  Thank You, Father God!

Day 6: My Wheels

I am thankful for our wheels: our car and our van.

About two and a half years ago we decided to sell both of our cars and get one car that was a little bigger to fit a growing family and also more dependable.  Thanks to a friend, we got a good deal on it and have enjoyed it ever since.  It had to be repaired a couple of times, and now it has some weird mechanical quirks, but all in all it's a good car.  We are very thankful for a good car.

Just a year ago, we decided to add a second vehicle again to our collection because having one car was proving to be a bit difficult at times.  We bought a van for a very low price, got it fixed and were ready to ride off into the sunset with it. 

After a fun day of time together as a family that van was stolen.  We had it for three weeks.  Amazingly we received it back after only a week, but there was much damage done to it.  It has not been the same since, and it continues to need repair.  In fact we are not sure what we should do with it next.

Even with all of that, I am so thankful to have a van.  With a new baby on the way and so much to explore with my children, it is nice to again have the freedom to go out even while my husband is at work.  That was something that was tough with just one car.

The LORD has provided for us time and time again, and we really have a lot to thank Him for including our home and our vehicles!  Thank You, Father God!  We are blessed by Him.  May He be glorified through these blessings.

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