Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving on Up: Part 1

Five years ago my husband and I thought it was a good idea to buy a 1/1 condo and quit "throwing away our money every month" on rent.  Less than a year and a half later we were blessed with our first child, and we realized that maybe we should have continued renting until we could afford a bigger home.  It was too late, though, and knowing that the Lord allowed the happenings, we made do.

It was actually fun making everything work, and we situated our little one's crib in the bedroom with our bed and her clothes in our closet and the hall closet.  It has been a blessing to have a small home because we have not been able to hang on to a lot of unnecessary stuff.  We have had a lot of yard sales because I am always going through things to get rid of either to make room for new or make some extra cash (or both).

There are so many creative ways to live well in a small home.  We have used a gateleg folding table with the chairs that tuck right inside as our dining table, so that we could make the dining area (a nook really) our daughter's play area (picture below).  We've used the under-the-bed space for storage.  We've maxed out our closet space by using hanging storage.  We've strived to find a place for everything, so our home didn't have to feel as small as it was.

When our second little blessing came along, we rearranged the home again to accommodate.  The bedroom became the children's room, and my husband and I slept on a pull out couch in the living room (first picture below).  After the frame of the couch wore out, we got a great deal on a full-size mattress and box spring set, put it in our living room, and made lots of pillows to make it look like a couch during the day (second picture below).  It's worked wonderfully, even though we have missed having an actual bedroom.

Well, after much prayer and consideration of all options, we put our little condo on the market hoping we could sell it and move on and move in to a better fitting home.  Much to our excitement, we got an offer the day after it was put on the market!  So, praise the Lord, as I write this I am taking a break from packing to move out of our little home and into a home we will be renting that is over twice the size!  We'll have a bedroom again!  We'll have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a large kitchen (I love to cook and bake), a patio, a garage, a playground in the community...  Sigh (of gratitude and excitement)...  We are so thankful!

Yesterday, I was praying with one of our daughters.  I was thanking God for this move and our new home and several aspects about it that were exactly what I was asking Him for months ago when praying for a new home for my family.  My lovely little one chimed in with, "And thank you, God, that we will have a playground.  That is so wonderful."  In our condo, we have not had a yard or a nearby playground (although we drive to playgrounds, so she can play with friends), so this is a special treat that we have prayed for!

A bedroom.  A playground.  These are some of those Finer Things in life, and we thank God.

Now, back to packing...


Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

I think you know we are thrilled for you! I have admired how you have joyfully made it all work; you have done very well. But have space to roam and room to grow your family...we are just so happy for you!

Kristen @ Dem Golden Apples said...

Thank you, Brandy! We are thrilled, too, of course. Packing is done, so now I am even more thrilled. We are thankful!

laughwithusblog said...

Oh I am just so happy for you. I love how you made your little house work too, with such a great attitude!