Friday, May 13, 2011

Moving On Up: Part 2

After a lot of packing, the actual moving day, and then the unpacking, I crawled out from the rubble of 96 boxes and over 25 pieces of furniture of various sizes moved and realized that I really don’t want to move again for a long time. 

Moving is kind of like child bearing.  It’s really a lot of work, somewhere in the middle you want to quit, there is some pain involved, but in the end it is more worth it than imagined.

I would love more babies in the future, but I do hope to keep the moving down to a minimum.  Having babies is much more fun.


I learned a lot through this process.  I learned a lot about myself, my family, my friends, moving itself, and life in general.

About me, I have learned (perhaps again) that I can be way too consumed by a goal and get very task oriented to a fault.  There are pros and cons to this because, hey, we moved only a week and a half ago and everything is almost all set up.  A few more curtains, frames, cushions, and rugs, and we are done.  Now we can move on from the moving process.  However, my over-ambition can also be detrimental to my family life and health.

My children have gotten pretty restless, especially my older one, because Mommy has been very preoccupied with unpacking and setting the home up every day – day and night.  Of course we did have times of reading together and playing together and eating together, but I really had to focus because my mind kept wandering to what paint color I wanted to use in our bedroom or if I should place two or three plates up on the dining wall for d├ęcor.  I really struggled to get to bed at a good time because I just had one or two (or three or four) more boxes that I wanted to unpack before tomorrow.  As a result I was pretty tired a few mornings when my children were up and ready to start the day. 

I don’t know the answer to my question: “Do I push through this and get it done quickly or do I take it a little at a time in order to not put other things and people aside?”  Maybe it’s a little of both?

Also I have been thinking a lot about renting versus owning.  I originally had the idea that we would rent for a couple of years in order to buy again later after saving some money up first.  Now I am not sure I want to move for years.  I’m not sure I mind it if we rent for a decade even.  Seriously.  Why the pressure and mentality that buying is best?  We bought into that (literally) five years ago, and that is why we were stuck in a 1/1.  We didn’t want to “throw away” our money every month in rent.  You know what happened?  We threw our money away every month in a mortgage that we ended up making nothing on.  In fact, we are short and waiting to hear what the bank has to say about that after our sale closes.  Was that worth it?

We absolutely love, love, love our new home.  We are so thankful to be here. 

Now that the dust has settled, I can go to bed much earlier at night, and we hopefully can move on from the moving, I am really looking forward to the future.  I look forward to meeting our neighbors, exploring our area, and enjoying all of this space!  I feel like we live in a mansion after moving from our tiny home.

Another cool thing is that I have totally detached emotionally from our old home.  I have had to go back a few times since, and I am so glad to not be there anymore.  I am thankful for that because I was at first a little sad to have to sell the home where my babies were born (with the help of a midwife). 

As a good friend said, though, “You bring your home with you.  This is just where you lived.”  Now we live in a new place, but our home is one of those things we brought with us when we moved.

Thank You, Lord.  You are so kind to us.  Now, please help us bloom here where you have planted us.  Amen.

Also...I need a vacation.

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