Monday, April 25, 2011

Ode to Vitamix

*Free shipping offer at the end of this post*

Over the years, I have really come to enjoy cooking, baking, and learning to make as much as possible from scratch in order to save money and offer more healthful meals and snacks to my family.  As I have continued to learn and grow in this area, it has become more and more apparent that the right tools make a huge difference in the quality and ease of these desired healthful meals and snacks. 

For years I wanted a Vitamix because I knew friends who had one and raved about it.  It seemed wonderful to be able to make smoothies, purees, nut butters, sauces, spreads, dips, batters, soups, ice cream, and more with one powerful and fast machine.  I drooled over them often.

Well I set aside some money about five months ago and got a factory reconditioned one - to save some money - and have absolutely love it!  In fact, everytime I use it, which is almost everyday, I thank God for it.  Really.  I know it is just a kitchen appliance, but seriously I am so thankful for it!  It has made homemaking so much easier, especially because I make my own baby food for the wee one.  We have saved a ton of money on that alone, so it has definitely been worth the investment.

I wrote this Ode because I really think a lot of people have heard of Vitamix and wanted one, but maybe you weren't sure it was going to be worth it to you.  I would be really surprised if you bought one of these and didn't use it.  It is just that useful and fun.  Plus it purees so quickly and easily making prep time much faster, which I really love.

OH, and it is so easy to clean.  That is magical to me.  You just put some water and a squirt of dish soup in it, run the motor again (like you just did to make whatever you just made with it), rinse it out, and it's clean! 

You can check out the Vitamix website here for more info.  They offer a 7 year warranty, a big cook book, a starter DVD, and great customer service.  Did I mention I really love my Vitamix?

To make this Ode even sweeter, if you buy one through this link, you will also get your new Vitamix shipped to you for FREE.  I love me some free shipping. 



Pokey Momma said...

Can you explain the difference between this Vitamix and a traditional food processor or blender? I've never even heard of it, and for $450 I'd really like to know what's so special about it!

Kristen @ Dem Golden Apples said...

Sure. Great question.

What I have experienced is that the difference is in the performance power, the ease of use, the quickness of processing, the ease of clean up, the versitility because you can make SO many types of creations in it including soup and ice cream, the warranty is 7 years, the durability, the quantity it yields, and also it is not as loud as my old processor was.

That is what I can think of off the top of my head, but every time I use it I say, "This was so worth it." :)

If you are ok with a factory recnditioned one, I would check that out because with the free shipping (link in my post) and the discount on a factory reconditioned one, I got mine for $400 total. They recondition those that were used for demos, etc, so they are still like new.

I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, let me know. I would love to help.