Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011: Food and The Computer

Day 15: Food

Boy, do I love food.  I am very thankful for food.  Not only do we need food, but food is fun and enjoyable.  Food is nourishing (well it is supposed to be), food is social, food is fun, food is a part of our everyday life. 

Think of all of the variety of food!  There are so many kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, meats, cheeses, and combinations of them all.  There are so many styles of cooking, traditions, cultural cuisines, diet options, and on and on. 

I am sure I have only scratched the surface with the amount of vegetables I have tried.  There are so many, and I have tried a lot.  Some varieties are only available in other countries and cannot be brought into our country.  I am constantly amazed by this.  What a creative God to offer so many choices of root vegetables!  So many choices of fruit!  It is incredible.

Because there are so many choices I find myself wanting to try as many as possible.  I want to taste as many types of food as I can.  With that being said I do have my limits because of location, money, and the desire to eat a diet that is Kosher.  Still it is fun to explore the cullinary world and enjoy.

It's funny because when I got married over eight years ago I could barely cook a single meal.  I knew how to do some things, but I was pretty boring when it came to the kitchen.  I very quickly wanted to learn more and grow in my cooking and baking skills to provide more balanced and tasteful meals my both my husband and me.  It was a challenge at first, but slowly I began to enjoy it.

Now fast forward from where I started, and I now actually have the know-how to enjoy making as much as possible from scratch.  Thankfully I have been taught along the way to make pretty much any dinner we want (within reason), bread, cookies, donuts, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, and most of what we eat for meals and snacks!  It has been a fun journey.

During pregnancies I tend to not want to cook as much or be as creative.  Usually I end up bored after a couple of months of that.  That is where I am now.  I need to be creative again and enjoy cooking and even eating again.  I have to eat so much right now that I get a little tired of food.  Kinda funny.

However I remain thankful that the LORD provides food for us to eat and eat well.  Amazingly, on our budget, He makes a way for us to continue to eat all-natural and mostly organic foods.  Sure we cut out other things like cable because eating well is more important to us than watching television.  When we shop, though, we use coupons, get good deals, and use our food budget as best as possible.  Usually we save about 50% on our total food purchases.  This is another reason why cooking from scratch is a good idea.  It saves a lot of money!

I'm so thankful for food.  I am thankful for how our bodies use it, and for how good food tastes good.  I'm also amazed that God uses a mother's body to feed a baby.  It is ridiculously amazing.  Thank You, Lord, for food.

Day 16: The Computer

I tend to be pretty old fashioned (perhaps you gathered that at some point), and I usually get a little hesitant about some types of technology.  However I recognize the good that comes from so many advances that have come with technology.

I am thankful for the computer.  It is crazy how much progress the computer itself has had since the first one made its debut.  It was the size of a large room!  Now one can carry a computer in one's pocket!  When you think about how little time has passed since then it is pretty unbelievable.  Even though computers can be overused and seem to have overrun our society, and even though they can be used for evil purposes, I am still thankful for the ways computers have been used for good.

There are a lot of ways that computers have been used for good and continue to be, but my focus here will be mostly on how I have benefited from computers.

First of all, it is pretty easy to type out everything I would like to communicate through this post, have it spell checked, upload a picture, and then publish it for literally people from all over the world to read.  I could not do that without this laptop here. 

Also as I continue to work on writing the book I am working on, it is much easier to type it all out on a computer than handwriting it or typing it on a typewriter.  Then once I am done, Lord willing, I will be asked to email that manuscript to a publisher after having an editor edit it on a computer and emailing it back to me.  Furthermore after it is publised it can be sold online through many venues, ordered and sent to stores through computer programs, and scanned at a store where someone will probably use a debit card to pay for it.  All of this takes computers, and all of it has been made much easier by them.

Of course it is also nice to communicate with others through email and social media outlets.  There are people I would not be in contact with at all if it were not for the computer.  Sometimes I get tired of these avenues of communication because many rely on them too much and forget about actual voice or face to face communication. 

The spread of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ has also been radically advanced through technology.  There are many websites, organizations, and even online Bible text that have helped others come to know the saving love of Jesus like never before.  I am thankful for this, as well.  Prayer requests can also be quickly communicated through email.

You most likely will not see me carrying around a computer, unless I am at an airport, but I am thankful for them.  I chose to have my computer just as my computer and not my phone, etc.  However, I am thankful for it.  Actually this one in particular we bought for under $500 with a protection plan a year or so ago.  I am thankful for that good deal, too! 

Thank You, Lord for the computer.  May more people use it for Your glory, and may Your truth be spread because of it even more.  Amen.

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