Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's been an introspective time for me.  I have often sat down to blog and found myself just saving drafts unable to really articulate much of anything.  I've mentioned recently how I have felt overwhelmed lately and how I have seen the Lord present to help me with that.  It's been a time to evaluate, to think, to pray, to change, to cut back,  and to just sit back and say, "God I really need You."

Although these types of seasons are not really that fun, they do provide an opportunity to be thankful.  It's usually in times of difficulty when we human beings are most likely to realize our own limitations and reach out for assistance.  Unfortunately many reach out in the wrong direction to things, people, and/or gods that don't satisfy and don't provide what is real.  Others who do seek the Truth know what is real.

Real is refreshing.  After sitting with a friend for a good part of the day and just chatting I felt very refreshed.  Part of this refreshment came from the breeze, part of it came from the reason we were there, and part of it came from the fun we were having.  But as I pondered on this more throughout the evening, I realized that much of this refreshment came from just having someone to talk to who is real and feeling comfortable to be real right back.

I try to always be real.  I love real and believe it should be characteristic of who I claim to be and what I stand for, so therefore it is a priority to be real.  Of course there are times when it is not easy or comfortable to be real, and other times when I fail to be gracious along with real.  Still other times I fail to be real all together.  I long to be a genuine and consistent person, and I want to refresh others and glorify God as a result.

Even more than this I am so thankful that I serve a God who is not only real, meaning existing, but also real as in genuine and true.  He will never let me down.  He will never leave me.  He will always remain true and faithful and gracious and loving to me.  Furthermore, I can be real with Him.

Have you ever screamed at God or just yelled while you prayed?  I have.  Have you ever just told Him exactly how you felt and trusted Him to love you and comfort you anyway?  Oh, I am so thankful that I have. He knows exactly what I am feeling and thinking anyway.  Why would I try to "hide" it from Him or wear a mask with Him?  He wants me.  He wants my genuine interaction.  He wants me to be me, even if and when I feel like I can only be that way with Him.  Praise the Lord!

He has also blessed me with a husband that I can be completely real with and still be loved and accepted by him.  It doesn't mean that he always agrees with me or likes me when I get into a funk of some sort, but he loves me anyway.

Real is so refreshing.

Why aren't more people real?  Fear?

Think of how many complicated situations and conflicts would be avoided if we were just real with each other.

Think of how many times we would receive His strength to get through a situation if we were just real with Him about it.

Lord, please help me to be real.

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TB said...

Being real is one the qualities I admire most in a person. It shows trust, respect and a willingness of the heart to be connected in a deeper way. Xoxo